Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Android vs. iOS

I just switched from iOS to Android a few days ago. I used to be carrying around a 4th generation iPod Touch with me (along with a Nokia 5310), and I just recently switched to a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze, which is pretty much a Galaxy S II but is a little smaller. It’s made me appreciate a few things about iOS: its slickness, ease-of-use, simplicity, its lack of bloatware and redundancy, and how easy it is to find top-quality apps in a well-organized app store. But there is a one attribute that I LOVE about Android: customizability. The launchers are AWESOME! With iOS, I was getting bored of its interface and I couldn’t change it at all. With Android, I can change its look and feel very easily, which is a lot of fun.


Justin said...

It goes farther than that, you can even add gestures with launchers, different lockscreens, app trays, etc. etc. Welcome to Android :)

Bennion said...

Thanks! I'm sure I'll be playing with it for a long time.

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